Korean Skin Care When You’re on a Budget

Korean skin care is notoriously famous all over the world for its effectivity and routines that would involve at least 30 minutes of your day—not including makeup!

Korean actress Kim Tae-hee with clear skinIts popularity has spread outside of South Korea, thanks to its flawless and incredibly talented K-pop singers and K-drama artists like Taeyeon, BoA, Tiffany, Lee Min-ho, Song Joong-ki, and Kim Tae-hee among many others. Foreigners have started studying Korean, and some have even included South Korea on their travel lists due to these media influences.

South Korea’s effective skincare routine (https://www.peachandlily.com/pages/korean-skin-care-routine) usually comes with a hefty price tag, though. Many locals say that if you are to follow the now-famous 10-step beauty routine popularized by Korean beauty brands, then you must expect to pay at least $300 to last you one month. This price does not involve makeup just yet. Apparently, it’s a price tag that not everyone can afford, or would want to spend on. Some people would rather skip some steps to save up on products, and others would instead go for cheaper brands.

If you’re a big fan of Korean skincare, knowing that it comes at a significant cost is such sad news for sure. But, don’t fret just yet! There are more affordable options for everyone without compromising on quality and effectivity. Although, of course, you should not expect to find cheap products made with specialty ingredients like organic materials, gold, and other rare elements. If you see affordable products advertised to contain any of these components, then you must be wary. They are most likely to be anything but misleading marketing.

Here are the recommended budget-friendly Korean skin care products that many swear by. When combined, these purchases will not get you to $100 to complete the whole beauty routine:

1. Neutral cleanser, $10-$15

Whether you have an oily or dry face, it is best to go for a neutral cleanser because it can help the skin regain its pH balance. Brands offer different types of cleansers, and it is best to go for their pH 5.5 variety. There are scented types, but it is best to go for the unscented version because it is friendlier on the skin in the short and long term.

2. Alcohol-free toner, $15-$20

Many toners are made with alcohol, but Korean innovation has made it possible for the release of alcohol-free toners which is excellent news for everyone. Check for toners with “galactomyces” in its ingredient list, for this is the more affordable version of the essence found in costly alcohol-free toners. It may be not as popular just yet, but toner products with galactomyces are now available even online.

Skin cleansing is a must in the Korean routine3. Serum, $20-$25

Serums are notoriously famous for their effectivity, and they are now a part-and-parcel of all Korean beauty routines. The serum is the costliest product in any beauty set, that’s why the budget conscious usually opt this out of their habit. However, there is now a cheaper serum which does not sacrifice quality. Check for serums with “natto gum,” “aloe,” and “licorice” on the ingredients list. The presence of these means that the serum is of high quality even though it is priced cheaply.

You don’t have to spend so much to follow the highly effective Korean beauty routine. There are now products available for all types of budgets, and this is good news for those who have been wanting to follow the Korean beauty trend or haven’t found success in their current beauty routines.

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Awe-Inspiring Art Museums in NYC Worth Visiting

New York City is blessed with many world-famous art museums, all of which are worth a visit. Take at least a day and buy NYC tour tickets at GoNYTours.com to plan your visit to the Big Apple to browse the art museums.  Be stunned by the captivating works loaned to or owned by these galleries.

The Met facadeThe Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is on Fifth Avenue. It has a massive collection the Louvre in Paris, or the National Gallery in London would be proud to own. Its American Collection is enormous and proudly displayed in the Henry R. Luce Center for the Study of American Art. The museum hosts lectures and concerts throughout the year. Visitors can browse at their speed or join a guided tour. The gift shop offers everything artistic including jewelry, books, prints, sculpture, stationery, and more.

The Cloisters Museum and Garden

The visitor may also want to take in the Cloisters Museum and Garden at 99 Margaret Corbin Drive, Fort Tryon Park in Northern Manhattan. It is a branch of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, mainly devoted to the architecture, art, and gardens of medieval Europe. The cloistered structure was built from salvaged 12th -15th-century elements. This branch holds thousands of original medieval works. The cloister garden is a beautiful spot to while away an afternoon.

The Guggenheim

The Guggenheim is also on Fifth Avenue and has attracted visitors from around the world for 50 years since its founding in 1959. The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is a unique architectural landmark designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Guggenheim rotundaThe art collection centers mainly around 20th and 21st-century art with a growing collection of 19th-century art. In total, approximately 7000 works fill the gallery walls. Visitors will find works from Pablo Picasso to Jackson Pollock, Vasily Kandinsky to Paul Klee, and Paul Cézanne to Salvador Dalí.

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum is located at 1071 Fifth Avenue at 89th Street. The museum has ongoing exhibitions. An exhibition of art by Kandinsky was on until January 2010.

The Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art opened in 1929. The museum’s collection is primarily that of contemporary and modernist art including design, paintings, sculpture photography, prints, and books. The museum’s library is a magnet for researchers holding nearly 400,000 books and primary source artist files.

It houses an eye-catching collection of modern art with works by Henri Rousseau, Salvador Dali, Paul Gauguin, Frida Kahlo, Max Ernst and many, many other well-known artists.

The Museum of Modern Art is located at 11 West 53rd Street, Manhattan.

Other New York Art Museums of Note

There are numerous other New York art museums worth visiting. Visit the Whitney Museum of Contemporary Art at 945 Madison Avenue, the Museum of American Folk Art at 2 Lincoln Square, or take the subway to Flushing Meadows in Queens and visit the Queens Museum of Art. All are well-known art museums.

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Crafters and Artists: Start a Home Based Business Online

For the creative craftsperson who needs or wants to work from home, there are numerous ways to make her creations pay without participating in craft shows or lugging the work to consign in gift shops. Online craft businesses are becoming a popular venue for the craftsperson. It’s a great moms’ work-at-home business and an excellent way to make money online fast, unlike other online businesses that offer passive or residual income. All that is needed is a computer and a good work ethic.

handmade Christmas cardsFinding a Niche

The first thing to consider when beginning an online craft business is in the search for a niche in the market – creating something unique. It isn’t advisable to copy other people’s work, but the craftsperson can be, and usually is, inspired by that work. The research is meant to inspire as well as give the craftsperson a sense of the current trends in crafts, and the prices and saleability of those items.

Selling Crafts Through eBay, Facebook, and Etsy

When the artist feels she has large enough body of work to offer buyers selection and begin selling, she could sign up for online craft venues and diversify using one venue or many.

Among the best online sites for selling crafts are Etsy and eBay. eBay has been in business since the early days of the World Wide Web, and most people know how to use it. Craftspeople have been selling on eBay for just as long, and many have been successful. A good peruse of both the art and craft sections of eBay will give the crafter some sense of what’s selling, what’s popular and what isn’t.

Etsy is the number one site devoted primarily to craft, although there are other categories listed. Many craft sellers who have profiles on Etsy are doing well selling on the site. Both eBay and Etsy are good online sites to build a business with. They rank high in the search results, and people do go to those sites looking for specific items.

Right now, Facebook is transforming into a haven for sellers too. Since most people are on Facebook, craftspeople can now easily promote their products, target potential customers and communicate directly to them using a smartphone. It is also very convenient to take photos of your products and upload it to your sales page.

Craft business with friendsCreate a Website for Selling Crafts

A craftsperson could also sell her wares via her website. If she takes this route, she’ll need to learn as much about website management as she can. To be noticed, her ultimate goal should be to get her site showing up on page one in the Google search results. Only a small percentage of searchers go to page two and even less to the next several pages. Getting to page one involves so many things like value of those links, originality, Search Engine Optimization, Web Design & more.

It can take a year to build the site with the information and data that the search engines regard highly. It’s difficult, tricky and time-consuming – time probably better spent creating the goods to sell.

A strong work ethic, good planning, and a unique quality craft or art will prove itself, offering an excellent part-time or full-time annual income.

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Why Book a Band for your Wedding

Singer in a Wedding BandA person’s wedding is a very memorable event. After all, this is the mark of the couple’s new life. Moreover, this is the start of them spending the rest of their life together. The event must be perfect then.

One of the best ways to ensure that the wedding and the reception that comes after it becomes memorable is to ensure the presence of music. Music should never be forgotten since it is what makes the event even livelier. You can either book a wedding band or a DJ. However, it should be better to hire a wedding band as they can make the event even more memorable.

If you are torn between getting the services of a wedding band, you shouldn’t be. There’s a lot of reasons why it is better to go for a wedding band compared to a DJ or not hiring any at all. You can begin your research by watching wedding band videos in NYC so you can see what the experience is like. Here are some of the reasons that should convince you why wedding bands prove to be worth it.

Music is played by real musicians

The music played by a wedding band is rendered by real singers. They can even make their rendition or pump up the audience even more. Something is amazing in hearing real musicians playing a song. Even when it is just the musical instruments accompanying the serene yet emotional speech of the bride’s father, you can feel a lot from that moment.

There is no need to worry about technical difficulties

You don’t have to worry about the music stopping in the middle of a very emotional part of the event just because of a technical glitch. Moreover, the quality of the music produced will be as good regardless of the musical equipment. You can trust in the musical skills of the musicians you have hired for the event so it should be better to book for wedding bands instead of not getting one or hiring a DJ.

Music bands can learn even original songs

During wedding receptions, you will most likely want your special song to play, especially during the first dance. If that is the case, then the wedding band is the perfect option since they can learn your special song faster than recording it on any device. Moreover, the quality of the song will be as good as you expect. If you record it, the music may not be as moving as what you like. With the music bands, they can learn your song, even when it is original. They can even arrange it to sound even better.

They can adapt to unexpected situations faster

Say something unexpected happens during the event such as someone special appearing and making the bride or the groom happy. If it is a DJ, they might take some time before they can react to such spontaneous thing because they have to find music that they can play. On the other hand, the wedding band can start playing an appropriate song at the drop of a hat. Most of the wedding bands, especially the ones who have been singing at weddings for a long time now, can easily react to the unexpected flawlessly.

They can interact with the audience

Interacting with the audience will make the reception fun. Think about it: what if the song being played is “Dancing Queen”? Someone has to go to the dance floor first. In fact, someone has to dance first! If no one dances, then everybody will just be sitting around. The wedding singer can bring someone to the dance floor to start things off.

Wedding bands are elegant

If it is a wedding, then the wedding band is appropriate since they fit the said event completely. They have experience, and they know what etiquette to follow for a memorable wedding and reception. You will also feel that the event is more elegant when you book a wedding band to perform at the reception.

These are just some of the basic reasons as to why you should hire a wedding band. Many other reasons exist such as it is a part of the bride’s dream wedding or one may have found an affordable band to book for the event. Regardless of the reason for booking a wedding band, there is no doubt that the said choice is worth your while.

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Salary & Certification of an ASL Interpreter


If you have the right qualifications as a sign language interpreter, then it should be possible for you to work in various job settings. It is also possible to enjoy well-paying employment. Do take note though that the average salary you will get depends on various factors. Some of these factors include experience and location. There are still other factors aside from these that can decide your pay grade.

Job Description

People who are fluent in the English language are the ones who may enjoy a career as a sign language interpreter. It is even more so when they are committed to learning a new language. Their desire to assist others is another beneficial asset they can take advantage of when they want to be successful in the field.

A sign language interpreter will have the responsibility of translating spoken English into American Sign Language, otherwise known as ASL. The purpose of the said translation is for the deaf or the hearing-impaired individuals to understand what other people are saying to them. Also, the interpreter will also be the one to translate what the deaf or the hearing impaired individuals are saying to other people.

Job Prospects

When it comes to the job prospects of sign language interpreters, it is quite favorable. There is a high demand for positions in the translating and interpreting field. Contact SignTalk For NYC ASL Jobs. The main factor affecting this rise in the demand is the availability of Internet video communication.

Work Environment and Similar Occupations

A highly qualified individual can take up sign language interpreter jobs in various environment. These include meeting and conference facilities, court settings, hospitals, and academic institutions. In fact, those who are qualified may also take up similar occupations such as technical writer, medical transcriptionist, and court reporter.

Salary Overview

Truth be told, the sign language interpreter jobs do not have a set pay grade. One’s pay can vary widely. A qualified interpreter can get about $14 to $40 hourly. However, the problem is that they may not be able to find enough hours of work in a week. This is especially true for those sign language interpreters who are working freelance. Their salary can depend on training, credentials, geographic location, and experience too.

For example, the salary will depend on the industry. Working in the professional, technical, and scientific field offers an average hourly wage of $27. Those working in secondary and elementary schools, one the other hand, can earn an average hourly wage of $19. Expect the highest average hourly wage for those who are working in the engineering, architectural, and other related fields as well as in the federal executive government.

Another example is with your geographic location. The states of California, Florida, Virginia, and New York are the ones that offer the highest levels of employment for sign language interpreters. On the other hand, the states with the highest average hourly wage include Virginia, Maryland, District of Columbia, Nevada, and Massachusetts. Expect lower average hourly wage in Arkansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Montana.

Education Requirements and Certifications

It is possible to learn ASL even without formal education. However, it is still highly recommended to attend a sign language interpretation class. Get a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in this field to take up courses related to transliterating, interpretation analysis, deaf culture, and much more. Getting certifications can also advance one’s earning potential. A good certification worth pursuing is the National Interpreter Certification. An interpreter taking up this certification is required to have a bachelor’s degree, though. In this certification, one is required to pass a performance test, written exam, and oral interview. The certification will tell whether an interpreter is at a generalist level, advanced level, or master level.

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Do Weight Loss Supplements Actually Work?

You might constantly see advertisements of weight loss supplements when you watch TV or hear these advertisements on the radio. You might even find them on display when you go to your local drugstore or pharmacy. You will hear different claims from various manufacturers about how effective their supplements are in promoting weight loss.

What Is A Weight Loss Supplement?

A weight loss supplement is a pill, tablet, capsule, or any other form, such as a tea bag, that is formulated through a combination of herbal and chemical ingredients. The main purpose of such supplement is to help the user shed off extra pounds of fat from his or her body. There are two ways that the supplement can address and achieve such goal. First, it increases the metabolism process, so the body burns calories. Second, it decreases your appetite, so your body consumes lesser calories.

How Companies Market These Supplements

To promote their supplements, the drug companies usually boast about the results of studies and researches backing up the effectiveness of the ingredients that they have included in the formulations of these products. What others do not know is that these studies and researchers are paid for by these same drug companies. While they write down the main ingredients that they are using on the labels of their products, there are some ingredients that they do not usually disclose.

weight loss supplements

The Truth According To Clinical Researchers

Several researchers proceeded to perform clinical trials on some weight loss products. They found out that the amount of weight loss is not significant with regards to the effects of any product that is available in the market. There are no evidence backed by scientific researches with regards to their effectiveness. Instead, what the researchers found out is that most of these ingredients may cause adverse side effects to anyone who takes the supplements.

These studies typically did not include exercise regimens and showed that the supplements never really had any weight loss effect to the test groups. Some supplements, most especially those that have green tea, low-fat dairy, and fiber, have shown potential but at a very minimum number. This can be the same for when reading different reviews of Slimfy, an all-natural supplement. It should not be forgotten that such supplements were taken by the test groups alongside reduced or strict calorie diets.

The Impact of Supplements

Taking supplements alone will not have any significant impact on weight loss. A crucial thing that you have to do when you want to lose weight is exercise. Without exercise, you will not be able to reach the goals that you have for your body. Aside from weight loss, incorporating exercise into your weight loss program will help you control your weight as well as preserve your muscle mass. Not even one supplement will be able to single-handedly help you lose weight.

Weight Loss Tips That You Can Do

Instead of feasting on weight loss supplements, here are some tips that you might want to do. First, you should already prepare the meals that you will eat the whole day in the morning. This way, you can avoid eating just whatever you like. As a result, you will choose the right and healthy foods.

You also need to avoid a sedentary lifestyle. You must be as active as you possibly can. You might want to ride your bike, run, or walk for a couple of minutes. You just have to do some activities that will allow you to move your body and perspire.

If possible, you should eat a lot of vegetables and foods that are rich in fiber. These types of foods will help you lose weight in the most natural way. You also have to avoid eating processed foods like the ones that you can order from fast food restaurants.

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What’s The Right Age To Start Learning The Guitar?

The guitar is a terrific instrument to learn. It’s simple yet challenging; it gives you a grounding in musical theory, and if you love it, it can stick with you your whole life. If your child wants to learn the guitar from a professional, how young is too young to start their lessons? Consider the following points:

Don’t Fixate On Numbers

For a start, you can give up on finding a single, clear, objective answer to this question. Children mature at different paces, and it’s impossible to draw a clean lean across a group of children and say everyone on one side is ready to learn how to play, and everyone on the other is too young.

Some kids need more time to mature, both mentally and physically. The great news is that letting your child try to learn the guitar and discovering that he or she isn’t ready isn’t a big deal at all. You just have to treat it properly (see below).

Physical Issues — And Overcoming Them

Some folks who have seen very young children grapple with guitars might want to contradict the statement above. “There is such a thing as too young! If they can’t get their hands into position, they can’t learn how to play!” Well, there are two problems with this assertion. For starters, you have to remember that EVERYBODY has trouble stretching their hands to reach the proper positions when they start learning the guitar.

kids of all ages playing guitar

Secondly, this problem is one that guitar makers have tackled for hundreds of years. Modern guitars designed for children usually aren’t worth their very low prices. You have other alternatives, though. Travel guitars are constructed at 3/4 scale — perfect for younger learners. For the tiniest kids, learning the ukelele makes a nice prelude to learning the guitar.

Key Mental Attributes

Your child’s mental development is far more important than the size of his or her hands. While it doesn’t take laser-like focus to start learning the guitar, kids do need to have a genuine interest and the capacity to follow through with it. Motivation is more important than anything else with very young students; teaching a 5-year-old who doesn’t want to learn is an uphill battle.

Regarding education, teaching children who have mastered counting and their ABCs is easier than teaching those that haven’t These skills aren’t absolute necessities, though. Patient teachers can work around a child’s limitations — or use guitar lessons to help them learn these skills!

Professional Instructors

Unless you’re an experienced guitar player yourself, and you feel up for the challenge of teaching a young student, you’ll probably want to entrust your child to the hands of a reliable professional guitar teacher. Music To Your Home, guitar lessons in NYC offers 1-on-1 private lessons in the students own home. Since they teach students of all ages, you don’t need search far to find a teacher who’s comfortable with teaching younger kids.

Most instructors are flexible about teaching anyone who’s willing and able to learn, but some do have solid limits. It’s difficult to find a teacher who will take on a student under the age of five. To be more precise, it’s tough to convince an experienced teacher that a child under that age is ready to learn the instrument.

The Right Way To Encourage Children

One of the most important things to do when setting your child on the path to learning the guitar is to make sure that the idea has taken root in his or her head. Don’t project your desires onto your kid. Young children can only pick up the guitar if THEY want to learn it; you can’t force them into it.

It’s also very possible that children at such a young age might over-estimate their capacities. If guitar lessons get too frustrating for your kid, start by taking a break for several days. Come back to the process later and gauge the child’s attitude. If you can tell they hate their lessons, tell them they can drop the instrument and try again in a few years. As long as you don’t treat this as a tragedy, your child won’t take it as a major mistake.

Hopefully, you can see that the question of whether or not your child is old enough to learn the guitar is very subjective. It depends on whether YOUR child is ready, not whether he or she has celebrated a fixed number of birthdays. Make a careful, honest judgment about their preparedness and decide accordingly.

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